We're on hiatus!

The Bay Area Geek Guide saw rapid growth since it spawned from a conversation driving home from PAX Prime. We went to local cons, got connected with the community, and proved to be a helpful resource for Bay Area geeks.

Then real life happened.

BAGG is/was run by a husband-and-wife team, which meant when our daughter was born in August, priorities shifted. Perhaps we were naive, but we thought keeping up with work, family, friends, and BAGG on top of a new baby wouldn't be a problem. We were just a bit wrong. The baby is healthy and (mostly) happy, but still a handful, so we had to hit the Pause button on BAGG.

We don't know when it will resume, we just know that it will happen when time allows. In the meantime, we're reactivating our Twitter account, mostly so we can join in the conversation about awesome geeky stuff.

Thanks very much for your support over our successful first year. Once life with a newborn settles down, we'll resume the BAGG quest.

Mike + Mandy
Founders of Bay Area Geek Guide
December 2014